Custom PCs

Elevate your experience with a personalised PC.

No computer is one-size-fits-all.
Tell us what you plan to do with your PC, and we’ll build a unique machine that meets your needs – and your budget.

You are unique.
Your PC should be too.

Let’s get creative. Starting with a FREE 1:1 consult to cover your PC’s purpose and budget, we’ll design your perfect PC. 

Whether you need it for computer-aided design (CAD), 3D modelling, video production, gaming or just as simple office or family computer –  you’ll have the right machine for the job.

Choosing our custom PC service, you’ll get:

Why Choose Us?

Get trustworthy tech support and solutions that stick.


No ‘Geek Speak’ - only easy English.

Fully Insured

For risk-free service.


No hidden costs, just quality service.


With a wide service area, we can come to you.


Providing access to a wide range of products.


As Microsoft Partner and Business NBN Accredited Advisor

Full-service support. Fair-dinkum prices.


Better tech is buffering…